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Here's the Kitten Productions is a tight knit group of hard working filmmakers that are committed to going beyond the status quo of today's entertainment.

Officially recognized as a California business in 2007, we have taken on many types of production, honing our skills as individuals as well as a whole. 

Our latest project is a comedic feature film titled "Terminally Chill."

Phil Bufano   Phil Bufano - Founder/Producer

A filmmaker from birth, Phil has refined his skills on the mean streets of Burtonsville, Maryland. Since the supple age of eight he has been making short films.  He attributes most of his skills to the extensive training he received at Greenscastle elementary school, as well as other "Academic" ventures.

To pull off his hair-brained movies, Phil has worn many hats, metaphorically and literally. It is fabled that his artistic power derives from his lustrous mane of hair . Theoretically if you were to run your fingers through it,  you could write a novel in six hours … it's just science.

David Yeaman   David Yeaman - Director/Editor

Dave has been working in entertainment since a very young age, making films in his backyard since he was old enough to hold a camera, and some before that. Starting out in post production in Los Angeles after college, Yeaman perfected the craft of editing to a near psychotic level. Rumor has it that Dave once killed a man for making a bad edit.

Yeaman then decided to move onto directing. When Christopher Nolan begged Dave to direct his passion project called Perception or Convection or something like that, Dave simply shrugged… and responded that he was too busy writing this bio.

Bear McCans   Bear McCans - Producer/Writer

Bear hails from the oft-ignored woods of central New Jersey and urgently reminds us all that the show 'Jersey Shore' is not an accurate representation of real life.

Bear is a warrior, a poet, a lover, a hater, a creator, a destroyer, a privateer, a marketeer, an artist, a sellout, a musician, an instrument, a screenwriter, a copywriter, a ghostwriter and a freedom writer. He lives by the 5 W’s. Whiskey, Wisdom, Writing, Women and Whiskey.

Despite rumors to the contrary, he is not running for president.